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The solution had come together – a decentralized database, built for the people and by the people, with a built-in marketplace of AR/AI developers ready to use the system. The greatest difficulty in creating such a useful database for developers was not the need for the images, but the creation of the images themselves. Lampix has shipped all Lampix Development Kit in December 2018 and January 2019. We are proud to announce that developers have started building their own apps on Lampix.Here is a Youtube channel example of an independent developer in the Netherlands who is exploring proof of concept apps on Lampix. To build a large enough database that is meaningful it has to be built in an autonomous fashion.

By building our robust object recognition platform this way, the system is decentralized and open to all users and developers. This will help generate a vast, always growing database of images to power unique applications across industries. Developer of an interactive tabletop augmented reality system designed to turn any surface into a smart, augmented reality surface. We are building the “PIX ecosystem”, which is the first blockchain-based ‘image mining’ network for augmented reality and other computer vision systems.

  • At its core, Lampix looks like a fashionable LED table lamp, but it houses a high definition projector and camera that does more than just display your screen on a flat surface.
  • Existing circulation, market capitalization, volume of transactions and more details of Lampix.
  • Users can easily and quickly create their own portfolio without the risk of price fluctuations during exchange.
  • In the last 24 hours, Lampix was most traded on COSS.
  • Varhan came across Fictiv after discovering the wealth of content resources available for hardware engineers.
  • But first, make a pledge on Kickstarter to help us get Lampix to our product release date.

For image miners, we are going to charge PIX tokens to get a What is Lampix device and pay tokens to mine useful sets. We will also pay users in tokens to vote on these images. We use computer vision algorithms to approve or reject images before they are submitted to the vote.

When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Two of the Lampix parts required a special electromagnetic interference coating.

Lampix (PIX) April 2018 Update

“It was definitely helpful to have Fictiv manage relationships with the overseas injection molding manufacturer since we had a small hardware team,” said Varhan. Fictiv was able to match Lampix with a vetted injection molding manufacturing partner in China to deliver T1 samples in just 21 days. Varhan considered working with Protolabs for injection molding, but Fictiv was able to match Protolabs’ lead time and beat their price. Additionally, Fictiv provided detailed manufacturability feedback for injection molding during the quoting process. Further, profits could be redirected into the PIX token value, creating a way to increase the incentive for users to participate. Lampix project details, general questions, token launch information, and even more.

To enable Lampix and other AR devices to reach their full potential we need to build a billion-image-and-description database, which will help in training algorithms for classification, detection and segmentation. Pixie, a social crypto app with 30,000 daily users, publishes its native token PIX on KuCoin, a renowned worldwide trading platform. PIX coin listing marks the world’s first social crypto listing on an exchange. Today, Pixie, pioneers of a social crypto app with 30,000 daily users and growing, lists its native token PIX on KuCoin, a leading global cryptocurrency trading platform.

You can spend PIX by creating your own data set request. We are doing a crowdsale of our token, which we call “PIX” at the end of July 2017. This will probably be the first “image mining, augmented reality” project built on top of Ethereum blockchain. With, our initial focus is on the enterprise sector, and we plan to do the same with the PIX ecosystem. Lampix is already generating revenue and great traction in this sector. Our first product on Lampix is an in-store product recommendation system being used by a large retail company.

Leverage our powerful object detection system with your own HTML5 based apps. Need reference images for your app to recognize specific objects? Set a bounty and let the community come to your aid. When you’re ready to bring your app to market, sell your apps for PIX tokens to generate revenue.


Over the last day, Lampix has had 0% transparent volume and has been trading on 7 active markets with its highest volume trading pairs being . The US Central Bank has recently announced the launch of its new payment system, Fednow, scheduled for July 2023. FedNow is an instant, fully-digital payment service that uses the American dollar–a system reminiscent of the Brazilian PIX launched in…

We are working on the first office applications together with Bloomberg and NYC Media Lab. PRESS RELEASE. INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, Jul. 6, 2022 – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list IX Token on July 7, 2022. For all users of LBank Exchange, the IXT/USDT trading pair will be officially available for… Lampix Announces New Head of Marketing Gordon Meyer, formerly head of marketing at YouVisit, a Virtual Reality services company, joins Lampix as Vice President of Marketing. Gordon Meyer is a 20-year industry veteran in the advertising and marketing field with a wealth of experience working at disruptive companies. Send or Receive Lampix for more than 1000 coins and tokens.

Lampix (PIX) May 2018 Update

Provider of an AR-based desktop lamp for projecting interactive displays onto desktops. The company has leveraged blockchain technology to build a network that rewards users with tokens, called PIX, to take pictures, describe them, and assemble open-source, curated image datasets. Use cases are in the areas of retail, manufacturing, office collaboration, restaurants, manufacturing, and more. That’s why we’ve created the PIX blockchain token system. PIX allows businesses and individuals to request and submit object reference images and category descriptions for the benefit of Lampix users and beyond.


Access a wide breadth of capabilities through our highly vetted manufacturing network. Keep production lines running without the excess inventory. PitchBook’s non-financial metrics help you gauge a company’s traction and growth using web presence and social reach.

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How Lampix used Fictiv as an experienced injection molding partner to support their lean hardware group. Accelerate development with instant quotes, expert DFM, and automated production updates. Go from design to production faster for your injection molding projects. There are currently 135,322,017 Lampix coins circulating out of a max supply of 657,154,880. Lampix is the #1508 largest cryptocurrency by market cap as of November 10, 2022, with a market cap of $114,050.79 USD. Users of the database could be able to access images for a small fee .

Lampix is creating a new decentralized database of images for AR/AI using Blockchain technology. While working on Lampix we realized the scarcity of such datasets. We were missing a general-purpose market for such datasets with a self-balanced demand & supply system. We always ended up gathering the data ourselves . But the idea of the general purpose market got stuck in our heads, and hence we started building the PIX ecosystem.

Large companies with such databases had autonomous control of the images and could forbid use to competitors, centralize profits from the database, and control use arbitrarily. You can earn PIX tokens now by contributing samples to this data set. All you need is a hand, a camera and an internet access.

Tether, the company behind the issuance of usdt, the biggest dollar-pegged stablecoin in the cryptocurrency market, has announced its stablecoin will be available at more than 24,000 ATMs in Brazil. Smartpay, a cryptocurrency systems provider,… Lampix, a company which brings augmented reality to any flat surface, turning these surfaces into interactive displays. Lampix is the developer of the Lampix device, which transforms any flat surface into a smart surface using machine learning and computer vision.

Partnering with Fictiv for Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing Expertise

The team realized that Blockchain technology was uniquely helpful in creating the first ‘image mining’ network for computer vision systems, like Lampix’s original product. They decided the next step was the creation of a billion-image database of real world objects that are critical for AR systems. Quality Computer vision is an enabler for a very large set of applications, among which many are in the AR space. One such application is Lampix, a hardware and software solution that transforms any surface into a smart, augmented reality surface freeing human-computer interaction from digital screens.

How Lampix used Fictiv as an experienced injection molding partner to support their lean hardware group.

Varhan came across Fictiv after discovering the wealth of content resources available for hardware engineers. It was also challenging to find manufacturers who were willing to produce lower volume injection molding runs. Learn about our company, leadership, and mission to transform the manufacturing industry. Guide how to create a wallet and buy bitcoin in less than 10 minutes. Non-custodial wallet with no registration or KYC required can be accessed on iOS, Android and Web. Instant exchange with a fixed rate is a guarantee of receiving the exact amount of cryptocurrency without hidden fees.

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